Acoustech Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company on 18 October 1999. It operates as an investment holding company with subsidiaries and associated companies involved in the manufacture of audio speaker products, property development and real estate investment related business.

Acoustech Bhd achieved a corporate milestone when it became a public listed Company in then Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Bursa Saham) on 27 Nov 2001.  Since then, the business of Acoustech Bhd has ranged from the manufacture chemical paints and electrical equipment to its current business of manufacturing quality speaker units for the OEM market with the final product distributed under various Multi National Brands throughout the world.

Acoustech Berhad's core value is about delivering Quality in all our products and development. It consistently maintain stringent quality control for all our product quality and strives to develop new and innovative products in tandem with the changing consumer electronics market. In 2015, we diversified into the property development and construction sector in Johor Bahru having identified the industrial sector in this region as a promising business to hedge against the risks and uncertainty which constantly affects our manufacturing business. We are pleased with the completion of our maiden project “Senibong 88” located at Permas Jaya which is a niche dual purpose commercial-industrial development otherwise known as “Commdustrial” units which is tailored for light industrial and commercial usage. Acoustech Berhad is now in as better position to face the challenge ahead.